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Over 10 years experience working with banks, corporates and public interest organizations

GALAXEA is responsible for the codesign of sustainable finance strategy for large European banks. We researched and built disclosure process, designed green bonds frameworks, developed proofs of concept for innovative green and sustainable data use.

We offer advisory and project design of methodology for calculating portfolio climate alignment and sustainability, as well as market research delivering actionable intelligence on developments in climate risk, land and marine biodiversity, pollution, and circular economy.

Most of us have realized that the transition to sustainability is essential to maintaining a functional world. We are only beginning to face how to implement that understanding, how to make the best trade-offs and how to innovate in that direction.


Tracey Strange has over 20 years experience helping industry and civil society clients address questions around sustainability.

She has worked across sub-specialties in the rapidly developing field of sustainable finance, with the goal of increasing understanding of critical challenges and accelerating impact. Tracey believes that it is by bringing together the knowledge of science and business that we can reach our collective sustainability goals.

Anna Lea Albright, PHD received her BA/MA from Harvard College in 2017 and her PhD in climate physics from the Sorbonne in 2022.

Her research uses observations and models of varying complexity to improve understanding of how clouds change in a warming world. In the Fall of 2023, she will begin a fellowship at Harvard Center for the Environment.



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