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Identifying hidden regulatory and reputational risk


Workshop for the model validation division of a major French bank. 

The focus of the workshop was to provide an overview of the current and upcoming AI regulations and how they pertain to their work. We also presented key topics in ethical and responsible data and AI, engaging participants in dynamic reflection around how these concepts affect their own work. The workshop was tailor-made to meet the specific needs of the model validation division, and the content was carefully crafted to ensure maximum engagement and knowledge retention. Our team of experts was able to provide valuable insights and guidance, helping the division to navigate the complex landscape of AI regulation and ethics, and ultimately, to make more informed decisions in their daily work.

Ethics audit for a tech company with a focus on addressing the risk and safety of worksites.

Our team worked closely with the company's management to identify potential ethical risks and to develop a comprehensive plan for mitigating them. The project involved a thorough examination of the company's safety procedures, risk management practices, and ethical standards, as well as the identification of potential areas for improvement. Our experts provided actionable recommendations that were designed to enhance safety and reduce risk, while also ensuring that the company's operations were conducted in an ethical and responsible manner. Thanks to our rigorous and comprehensive approach, the tech company was able to improve its safety and ethical practices, ultimately reducing risk and promoting a culture of responsibility and accountability across the organization.


Tracey Strange has over 20 years experience helping industry and civil society clients address questions around sustainability.

She has worked across sub-specialties in the rapidly developing field of sustainable finance, with the goal of increasing understanding of critical challenges and accelerating impact. Tracey believes that it is by bringing together the knowledge of science and business that we can reach our collective sustainability goals.

Nataly Buslon, PhD is a post-doctoral fellow in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC).

Her research interests focus on the promotion of social participation, responsible and ethical scientific research, and on the social impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI). More specifically, it focuses on the sex, gender, and diversity perspectives in AI. Buslon is currently a member of the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) in Uruguay, Alianza <A+> Inclusive Algorithms, and an Ambassador of Women in Data Science Stanford in Spain.


José Luis Falconi, PhD is a specialist in the intersection between ethics and aesthetics who received his PhD from Harvard in 2010.

Born in Lima (1973), José Luis Falconi is Assistant Professor of Art and Human Rights at the University of Connecticut, where he is also co-Chair of the Arts & Human Rights research program at its Human Rights Institute. He is also the President of Cultural Agents, Inc, an NGO which aims to showcase, study, and promote the recognition of the arts as resources for positive change, and its efficacy in social interventions.

Diana Acosta Nαvas, PhD received her BA/MA from Harvard College in 2017 and her PhD in climate physics from the Sorbonne in 2022.

Her research uses observations and models of varying complexity to improve understanding of how clouds change in a warming world. In the Fall of 2023, she will begin a fellowship at Harvard Center for the Environment.



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